We need to talk. About serious things, theological things, and leadership things. About our bodies and our health. About poetry and literature and death. About our world and all the wonder and complexity it holds. And about God. And so we’re going to talk about it, together, as people of Christian faith, in our podcast and video series: GEORGE FOX TALKS.

From our own scholars and mentors at George Fox, we bring you a sampling of university conversation – smart, faithful perspectives that may push you to think more broadly, deeply and critically. In a world full of paradox and polarization, we all must amplify the need to think for ourselves and be shaped by others, leaning ever toward Christ as our guide.

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Latest Episodes

Theologians Reflect on Current USA Politics

On the heels of an unsettling presidential debate, Christian activist Jason Fileta and Old Testament scholar Dr. Brian Doak come to grips with the political state of o...

SEASON 3 FINALE—Want a Special FREE George Fox Talks Gift?

Thank you for joining us during this third season of the George Fox Talks podcast!To receive your special George Fox Talks gift, send an email to production@georgefox....

Understanding John Woolman and his Abolitionist Arguments

Woolman scholar & GFU alum Dr. Jon Kershner sits down with Dr. Jay Miller to uncover the latest research on the life & works of John Woolman, the prominent 18th centur...

Don't Miss Out: Why Traveling is Essential for Everyone

In this episode David Martínez hosts Todd Davidson (CEO of Travel Oregon) to lay out "The Case for Travel"! They unpack why everyone should consider traveling locally,...

Christian VIEWS on Social Injustice

With passionate honesty, Sho Baraka discusses the importance of authenticity and reconciliation within communities, emphasizing the need for hard conversations and int...

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