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THEOLOGY | Understanding Modernity

Joseph Clair talks with Paul Lorenzini about key cultural movements in post-enlightenment history.

CULTURE | Should We Cancel the Classics?

Abigail Favale talks with educator Anika Prather about race and the classics.

WELLNESS | Mentally Healthy, Relationally Healthy

Daniel Kang talks with David Cimbora about mental health.

LEADERSHIP | What is Your Influence?

Dave Tussing talks with Alex Molden about self knowledge, real success, and faith.

THEOLOGY | Spiritual Disciplines

Joseph Clair talks with author Richard Foster about spiritual formation, disciplines, and following the Way of Jesus in the digital age.

CULTURE | Rethinking Feminism

Abigail Favale talks with Erika Bachiochi about feminism, contraception, and virtue.

WELLNESS | Neuroscience & the Unity of the Human Body

Daniel Kang talks with Dr. Andrew Meszaros about the nervous system: what it is and how to take care of it.

LEADERSHIP | How to Lead From Your Strengths

Dave Tussing talks with Organizational Transformation Consultant Joe Thouvenel about Strengths-based leadership.

THEOLOGY | Is it "Faith and Science" or "Faith or Science"?

Joseph Clair talks with physics professor Todd Curtis about the intersection of science and faith.

CULTURE | Political Polarization & the Future of the United States of America

Abigail Favale talks with David French about polarization, voting, and abortion.

WELLNESS | How Much Exercise is Enough?

Daniel Kang talks with Mary Imboden and Tyler Cuddeford about movement and the importance of staying active.

LEADERSHIP | Celebrating Adversity and Co-Creating With God

Dave Tussing talks with finance professional Kayode Odeleye about faith, integrity, and adversity.

THEOLOGY | Diving Into The Abolition of Man

Joseph Clair and Michael Ward consider C.S. Lewis' discourse, The Abolition of Man.

CULTURE | Texts that Hurt You

Abigail Favale talks with English Professor Bill Jolliff about difficult texts: reading them, teaching them, and relating to them.

WELLNESS | Resilience and Hope in the Face of Trauma

Daniel Kang and Dr. Kevin Sellars on Disease, Resiliency, and Hope

Welcome to George Fox Talks (trailer)

We need to talk. To each other—often. About serious things. Political things and theological things and leadership things. Wild things. About our bodies and our health. About poetry and death. About God. And so we’re going to talk about it, together, as people of Christian faith, here in our new podcast and video series: it’s called “George Fox Talks."