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CULTURE | Postmodernism and the Church

Abigail Favale talks with Isaac Choi & Joel Mayward about postmodernism.

WELLNESS | How to Age Well

In this episode, Daniel Kang talks with Dr. Erika Barber about the inescapable and widely varied experience of growing older.

LEADERSHIP | Tech Ethics

In this episode, Dave Tussing talks with Nishant Bhajaria about ethics in the tech industry.

THEOLOGY | Cultural Lenses & Traditional Education

Joseph Clair talks with Dr. Angel Adams Parham about education.

CULTURE | Aliens & Multiverse Theories

Abigail Favale talks with Isaac Choi about aliens, artificial intelligence, and the multiverse.

WELLNESS | Diversity in Healthcare

Daniel Kang talks with Dr. Amber Nelson and Dr. Danny Rodriguez about diversity in healthcare.

LEADERSHIP | The Greatest Among You Shall Be Your Servant

Dave Tussing talks with Stan Leach about servant leadership

THEOLOGY | Love Thy Body

Joseph Clair talks with Nancy Pearcey about worldview, sexuality, and the human body.

CULTURE | Homosexuality, Celibacy, and the Church

Abigail Favale talks with Eve Tushnet & Wesley Hill about homosexuality, celibacy, community, and the Church.

WELLNESS | Injections or Therapy?

Daniel Kang talks with Dr. Dan Rhon about osteoarthritis and physical therapy.


Dave Tussing talks with Emily Brummund about coaching.

THEOLOGY | Conversation with God

Joseph Clair talks with Lindsey Hankins and Isaac Choi about prayer.

CULTURE | Dealing With Death

Abigail Favale talks with Travis Pickell about death.

WELLNESS | Do You Really Need Back Surgery?

Daniel Kang talks with Dr. David Hanscom about pain.

LEADERSHIP | How to Craft Your Calling Statement

Dave Tussing talks with Sam Jones & Timon Smith about calling.

THEOLOGY | Your Problem is My Problem

Joseph Clair talks with author and teacher Nijay Gupta about Christian citizenship.

CULTURE | We Need a Better Dualism

Abigail Favale talks with philosophy professor Phil Smith about dualism.

WELLNESS | Looking After Your Eyes

Daniel Kang talks with Erika Bury about holistic eye care.

BONUS | Finding Christ in 20th Century Literature

Gary Tandy talks with author Joseph Pearce about Christian authors and fantasy literature.

THEOLOGY | The Telos of Life & Learning

Joseph Clair talks with author Steven Garber and Theology & Ethics professor Travis Pickell about vocation, occupation, and wholistic personhood.

CULTURE | Critical Race Theory

Abigail Favale talks with Isaiah Jones about Critical Race Theory.

WELLNESS | Play More

Daniel Kang talks with Ryan Jacobson about play.

LEADERSHIP | Love Your Career

Dave Tussing talks with Brittney Van Matre about career.

THEOLOGY | Understanding Modernity

Joseph Clair talks with Paul Lorenzini about key cultural movements in post-enlightenment history.

CULTURE | Should We Cancel the Classics?

Abigail Favale talks with educator Anika Prather about race and the classics.

WELLNESS | Mentally Healthy, Relationally Healthy

Daniel Kang talks with David Cimbora about mental health.

LEADERSHIP | What is Your Influence?

Dave Tussing talks with Alex Molden about self knowledge, real success, and faith.

THEOLOGY | Spiritual Disciplines

Joseph Clair talks with author Richard Foster about spiritual formation, disciplines, and following the Way of Jesus in the digital age.

CULTURE | Rethinking Feminism

Abigail Favale talks with Erika Bachiochi about feminism, contraception, and virtue.

WELLNESS | Neuroscience & the Unity of the Human Body

Daniel Kang talks with Dr. Andrew Meszaros about the nervous system: what it is and how to take care of it.