WELLNESS | Resilience and Hope in the Face of Trauma

Daniel Kang and Dr. Kevin Sellars on Disease, Resiliency, and Hope

In this episode, our host Dr. Daniel Kang talks with Dr. Kevin Sellars about disease, resiliency, and hope. Along the way, they discuss what to look for in a doctor and how to make it through low points in life.
Find Dr. Kevin Sellars' medical profile here.

The host for this episode, Dr. Daniel Kang, joined George Fox’s Department of Physical Therapy as an assistant professor of physical therapy in 2013. Previously, he worked for nine years as owner and lead physical therapist of Kang Physical Therapy Inc. of Ventura, California. His teaching experience includes stints as an instructor of kinesiology at California State University of Channel Islands and as a teaching assistant of anatomy and physiology at Loma Linda University. He is in the process of earning a graduate certification of medical physiology with a specialization in cardiovascular/renal physiology and pathophysiology from the University of Florida. He holds a doctor of physical therapy degree (2004), a master’s degree in physical therapy (2002) and a bachelor’s degree in health science (2002), all from Loma Linda University.

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