THEOLOGY | Is it "Faith and Science" or "Faith or Science"?

Joseph Clair talks with physics professor Todd Curtis about the intersection of science and faith.

In this episode, our host Joseph Clair welcomes physics professor Todd Curtis into a discussion about the interplay between faith and science from a Christian worldview. How is science defined, what does belief in a Creator mean for its practice, and what can the church learn from science?

Todd Curtis received a BS in physics and mathematics in 2007 from Linfield College and an MS in mechanical engineering in 2010 from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He joined George Fox in 2014 and is currently an associate professor of physics.

For more about Todd Curtis, check out his academic profile here.

Our host, Joseph Clair, serves as the executive dean of the Cultural Enterprise at George Fox University, which encompasses the humanities, theology, education, and professional studies. He is also an associate professor of theology and culture. Before joining the George Fox faculty in 2013, he earned his PhD in the religion, ethics and politics program at Princeton University while also working as an assistant in instruction. Prior to Princeton, Clair earned an MPhil at the University of Cambridge as a Gates Cambridge Scholar. He also holds master’s degrees from Fordham and Duke University, as well as a bachelor’s degree from Wheaton College.

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